When Should You Have Sex With Someone You’re Dating

When Should You Have Sex With Someone You’re Dating

Many would say that the fair game when having sex with someone you’re dating to is when both of you are down to do the deed. When you’re both sexually attracted, all you can think of is the steamy moments you can have together.

Knowing when to have sex when you’re dating is a little bit self-knowing topics. People who are aggressive (You Only Live Once types) wouldn’t think of the right time, but people who are still aloft and playing slow will seek for guidance as to when is really the right time.

These are the guides which can help you know when is the right time to have sex with someone you’re dating:

 When You Think The Person Is the Right One

Do you have this strange feeling that you already found “the one” in just one date? As if you already know the person your whole life? When you feel like you are deeply comfortable with the person in all levels, as if you’ve known him all your life, and you are sexually attractive to him, then the right time has come. Having sex with someone shouldn’t be just because you are sexually attractive with the person, but because you are comfortable being with him and you share the same level of comfort, like you are very sure he/she is the right person for you.

When You Are Really Attracted to the Person

When you feel like your oxyticin hormone is rising up to the next level whenever you are seeing the one you’re dating with, you can call for a sex. But don’t built the relationship soley on sexual pleasure because most of the time this kind of relationship doesn’t end up being together and doesn’t stay long. Let your dopamine, serotonin, and oxyticin hormones strike altogether before digging in the pleasure. Usually it may take three months of healthy connection with the person before you can feel all your happy hormones raising and signaling you it’s time. Once you feel this, your first sex with the person will be full of orgasm because you’re happy and not mentally disturbed.

When You Already Checked All the Lists of What You Want In a Girl or a Guy

Having a check lists of what you want in a guy or a girl before sex is not bad. It will actually remind you of how sacred sex is, and how you shouldn’t fall in the trap of a wrong person. Infatuation is different from a real love. You shouldn’t have sex because you are infatuated with the person, or you are temporarily bonded to him/her. Choose the right person to share bed with so you will have no regrets after. Once you checked all on your lists, it is really safe to say you can wave your flag for a steamy sexy sex.

When You Think of Not Having a Casual Sex

Millenials nowadays are having more casual sex due to how easy they can communicate with someone, stranger or not, using the internet. The word “romance” is slowly dying now because of these casual hookups. The prevelance of dating apps like Tinder makes hooking up easier. Millenials or not, having sex with someone shouldn’t be done casually. When you know how to wait for the right time, sex will be very pleasant, pleasurable, and just feels right. Unlimited sexual partners can cause a lot of trouble in you and your health, so don’t dig in to casual sex.

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